26 February 2013

Stress week

  • Quick update (again)
  • I promise to blog properly after our midterms (and by that i may mean after finals week lol)
  • I have a painting due later, since it's 5 am where i'm typing this at the moment.
  • I have an ignite speech to deliver later for public speaking 1 as well. (┳Д┳) (YES WE HAVE TWO PUBLIC SPEAKING CLASSES IN ONE TERM)
  • I have yet to again pass research topic proposals, since my prof just rejected my proposals for the 73649234823748i237428th time. 
  • I just finished making my flyer for technical writing, now all I need is to print it and will probably cost much, since It's full on colored.
  • Not to mention, my mom and sister will again be leaving for Singapore.
  • Leaving me and my brother young, wild and free. Chos.


1 comment:

  1. hope that things went well and as planned so that your stress can be relieved a bit :) I totally get the pressure and annoyance of not being able to update the blog during exam period.