07 May 2013

Old habits die hard.

Change of environment, same old habits.

Yep, that's me.
I'm still taking in how real it is, that I'm actually in Singapore right now, and while I'm doing that, I have done nothing productive from the last three days that had already passed. (Possibly aside my updates, but meh.)

We did actually went grocery shopping yesterday. ┏(^0^)┛
I was suppose to go and explore earlier, but then the rain stopped me plus I'm still too much of a baby to go without a phone that can send messages to my mom just in case I get lost. lol.

PS I'm working on a video diary that I will hopefully post every Sunday(?), so yeah. Stay tuned.



  1. Heyyy welcome to Singapore! :)

    Dont worry about getting lost. You just have to know the nearest MRT from where you are staying. All MRT lines are connected somehow. If you end up in an unfamiliar place (which, for now is everywhere since youre new here :p), just find an MRT and then look at the maps to know which train you should take. It's so easy! And this is coming from a girl who has slim to zero sense of direction. :)


    1. Weeeee thanks! Lol. I just discovered that I wouldn't get lost if I rode the mrt since it talks. (Lol you get my point.) =))))) Hihi thanks again. :D

  2. lovely pictures!
    you look really pretty in that dress :}