20 January 2015

new year same me

Surprise! haha i'm a very bad blogger
(or lazy haha!) 

It's a new year again. Cliche line but i still can't believe it. 2014 has gone by too fast. I will legit miss the last year but im looking forward for more adventures and whatever in the coming months. 

I've got nothing new to write about really, but the same old the previous year was a  roller coaster of emotions (admit it that line is getting old) but that's how life works. You can't be happy all the time but you can be sad all the time?? jk idk that is my depression kicking in. Um anyway, despite the "lows" 2014 was one of the best years in my lifetime and i rarely say that.

And here is a bullet list of why:

• for the first time in my life i know who are my friends are, LEGIT friends i might add. And that makes me so happy because i've never had "real" friends  before. (excluding my online friends bec ugh self explainable)

• started getting my grades up, i got part of the honor list.

• i got to travel more?

• met new people (i guess this is a good thing)

• i can't remember exactly everything right now but i really am grateful for the blessings i got.

So here's a virtual toast, cheers for the new year! 

11 July 2014


I'm sorry (again hahahaha) but this will be only a short update just so you guys know that i'm still alive.
fyi I just celebrated my 18th birthday last June 16, and now i'm finally legal.
Spent my birthday with only my closest college friends + my mom, sister and aunts (haha!).
I didn't have a fancy party or whatever, it was an impromptu overnight at a resort, and all was well.

I only used my instax to capture photos!! (hipster pwe) So, other than that I don't have any more documentation from my 18th. It was fun while it lasted though.


24 May 2014

I'm back!! (or not)

Hi! Sorry for the lack of entries (again) i'll get to that sometime lol. So, i've been staying again here in Singapore for almost a month now, and I have done nothing productive since my semester ended lol. Opening of the semester starts around 2 weeks but i'm still now owning the fact that i'm halfway done with college.

So yesterday, I went to this place called Japanese Garden and i did not felt like i was in Japan thou, more like Wonderland-ish. The scenery was so pretty and the place was calm and soothing, I could stay here all day and sort out my priorities haha.

Meanwhile, my birthday's coming next month and I honestly don't know what to do, in the sense that I don't want to throw a massive debut party cos it seems impractical to me, it falls on monday so I don't know, I haven't planned on anything yet.

On the bright side, I'm going home in a week and i'm excited to see my friends once again lol talk about clingy.

Look at that, it instantly gave me ~princessy~ feels if you know what I mean.

Anyway, I'm currently out of my mind lately that means I haven't been productive nor inspired. I wish i could put myself together soon. Haha, until next entry! (Whenever that is)