20 January 2015

new year same me

Surprise! haha i'm a very bad blogger
(or lazy haha!) 

It's a new year again. Cliche line but i still can't believe it. 2014 has gone by too fast. I will legit miss the last year but im looking forward for more adventures and whatever in the coming months. 

I've got nothing new to write about really, but the same old the previous year was a  roller coaster of emotions (admit it that line is getting old) but that's how life works. You can't be happy all the time but you can be sad all the time?? jk idk that is my depression kicking in. Um anyway, despite the "lows" 2014 was one of the best years in my lifetime and i rarely say that.

And here is a bullet list of why:

• for the first time in my life i know who are my friends are, LEGIT friends i might add. And that makes me so happy because i've never had "real" friends  before. (excluding my online friends bec ugh self explainable)

• started getting my grades up, i got part of the honor list.

• i got to travel more?

• met new people (i guess this is a good thing)

• i can't remember exactly everything right now but i really am grateful for the blessings i got.

So here's a virtual toast, cheers for the new year! 

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