03 January 2013

Happy Slytherin year!

First blog post of the month and i'm feeling a tad guilty for not posting earlier than this.
Ha~! After the successful dragon or should I say "Draco" year, I'm obviously happy I can relate this year to Harry Potter again. (ok nevermind my potterfilled head)

So, um just like what everyone says, new year = new life, another time for change u g h
so being the lazy oaf I am, I still haven't written my 2013 goals. So much for that. So anyway I might as well blog about my christmas and new year.

Ok so nothing immensely interesting around christmas nor new year's eve (the usual noche buena and media noche with fam bam.) despite the fact that for once I wasn't bothered with bad vibes or something else related to negativity so i'm betting 2013 will be great unlike my previous years (fingers crossed.) The only downside though my parents didn't bought luces (EVEN FIREWORKS) :( had to depend my firework craving from my neighbors lighting their firecrackers and what not from my street.

Anyway, I just got enrolled (woohoo third sem!!) still without my parents not knowing about my grades until know huhu, well actually my grades are OK though, my only problem is Progcon.

Well I need to struggle hard this third sem If I want to graduate even as a cumlaude! (taas ng pangarap dre). So classes start on the 9th, and i'm looking forward to it. E V E N though I super hate someone right now for making me think that he was going to transfer schools, he deserves a punch on the face doesn't he? The git.

Anyway, I have been reading tons of Dramione fanfiction this christmas break, and I never got to do anything that I had planned to do. Gr8.

'Til next blog post!

xx, Roein

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