12 January 2013

The skies are sharing sympathy, It's been raining since this morning. :(

Hello guys, apparently I'm blogging from my iPod right now. I think i won't be updating for a couple of days.

I skipped school for two days because I was not feeling well, plus i'm too lazy to wake up at 3 in the morning and travel at 5 am when usually I only start to fall asleep around midnight. But hours after I just recovered from my flu, we received very sad news.

My grandmother passed away yesterday evening, and i am still very shocked to say the least. I really can't accept it yet, even though i've seen her corpse with my own eyes. It feels like she's only sleeping you know. Of course it'll scare everyone if she decides to wake up though (lol).

Honestly, i'm speechless. We're not exactly that close unlike my other cousin's relationship to her, but she's still my grandma right? I still clearly remember the day, two summers ago when I was very pissed because of her but looking back now, ugh. I really don't know what to say or even feel. I'm melancholic, frustrated, sad, confused, idk. I'm just ranting out my thought at the moment. Rest in peace lola Pining. You will be forever in our hearts, we love you! I guess you're happy now though? You're with lolo and tito Jet now.

xx, Roein

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  1. Sorry to hear about your loss, I hope you and your family are okay xx